Earth Colony Sentinel (Galactic Arena Book 2) is out now!

Rama Seti and pilot Kat Xenakis race to save Earth’s extrasolar colony before an alien battleship destroys humanity’s first step into the stars. 

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Humanity is gifted a new star system, light years from Earth. Ours to colonize and control. But our enemies will not give up this great prize without a fight.

As the starship Victory attempts to establish humanity’s first extrasolar colony, a wheelhunter battleship is detected, approaching at high speed. On the surface of the planet Arcadia, alien forces rise up to swarm and attack the colony.

Reinforcements are coming. The UNOPS Stalwart Sentinel is Earth’s greatest battleship. Leading a powerful war fleet, the Sentinel must protect mankind’s expansion into the galaxy. Until then, the Victory must stand alone.

The wheelhunters will not rest until the last human in the system is dead. Rama Seti and the UNOP Marines must defeat them. Or mankind’s first step into a galactic empire will be their last.

If you enjoyed Ender’s Game, Starship Troopers and Old Man’s War, you’ll love Earth Colony Sentinel, the first sequel in a new military science fiction series, Galactic Arena.

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