Christmas Sale Today – Kindle books for just 99c

Hi folks, my Christmas 2017 sale starts today!

Vampire Crusader: the Immortal Knight Chronicles book 1 (Kindle version) is on sale today for 99¢/p:

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The immortal knight, Sir Richard of Ashbury, hunts his nemesis through centuries of war… AD 1190, England. A young knight’s family is slaughtered. As the lords of Europe seek to retake Jerusalem from the mighty Saladin, Sir Richard swears an oath of vengeance against Earl William de Ferrers, who has returned from the dead with an insatiable thirst for violence.


Orb Station Zero: Galactic Arena book 1 (Kindle version) is on sale today for 99¢/p:

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Every thirty years, humanity sends a single champion to fight for our future. Until now, every one of our finest heroes has been torn to shreds. This is the final chance. Win humanity’s future. Or lose the Earth itself.

Please also pick up one of my paperbacks as gifts for friends and family – there is still just enough time to get them delivered before Christmas.

Cheers all – and a very merry Christmas to you and your family!




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