Dan’s 2017 Writing Roundup and Publishing Plans for 2018

Hello. Here is my end of year video on what I wrote and published in 2017 and what I will do in 2018. In summary – I have lots of books to write this year and I will get on with writing them!

Happy new year to you and I wish you all the best in 2018.

Thank you for watching.


(Apologies for a few sudden jumps – I had weird audio issues and the easiest thing to do was cut a section out a few times. I’ll try new editing software for the next video.)



5 comments on “Dan’s 2017 Writing Roundup and Publishing Plans for 2018
  1. Anonymous says:

    How about next galactic arena book?
    Which given my interest is obviously one of my favorite series at the moment, and many of my friends.


  2. Alexandre says:

    How about next galactic arena book?
    Which given my interest is obviously one of my favorite series at the moment, and many of my friends.


    • Dan Davis says:

      Thank you for your comment Alexandre. You don’t know how much it pleases me to read that it is one of your favourite series, and also for many of your friends. I only wish that there were more people like you! The first book in the series Orb Station Zero sold really very well, and I had such high hopes for the series. Sadly for me, the sequel, Earth Colony Sentinel has been bought / read on Kindle Unlimited by only 7.5% of the people who read the first book. There have been almost no reviews. I have had no comments and emails telling me they liked the book. I don’t know why so few people have read it. I announced it, advertised it, promoted it as much as I could. But it seems there just is not an appetite for the series to continue at the moment. I would very much like to write book 3. It will be set mostly on Earth and also on the ship captained by Kat. Ever since the first book was published, I had plotted and planned 9 books in the series, with the end book taking place hundreds of years after the first. The war between humans, and the other races, and rebel factions and hybrid races is something I want to write very much and the idea is for each book to grow in scope, with vast fleet battles and discovering the nature of the Orb Builders… but Earth Colony Sentinel took me 6 months to write and almost no one has read it. I cannot afford to invest that much time in something so few people will buy. Perhaps at the end of 2018 I will write book 3, and then put all the books in a bundle and try to market it like that. Who knows, perhaps it will do better in time. I have by no means given up on it but it has certainly taken the back seat now. Thank you for letting me know you like the series. If there were a few more of you telling me the same thing, I would write the next book sooner. My sincerely thanks. Dan

  3. Alexandre says:

    You are welcome. I appreciate the detailed answer, not many authors would take the time to indulge their customers so promptly. Anyway, you are a talented writer and you already have a few great books to prove just that (the ones I read so far).
    I have no doubts that your fan base will grow and the Galactic Arena Series will get the recognition that it deserves. Writhing a third book and marketing it as a bundle seems a good idea, people (me included) tend to pick up series with a few books already published for the obvious reasons, lack of patience being the main one.

    I don’t no if it helps, but something that put me in the defensive at first before I decided to give it a chance, was that both the first book and the prequels came across as stand alone. There was a sense of finality at the end of Orb Station, if not for remembering that first sentence about saving the Mc life by removing his head for the second time to save his life 3 years later, I wouldn’t have felt the urge to check out the sequel. Plus the two prequels published afterwards reinforced that previous point for me, cooling down the flames a little bit. Just a thought.

    I am sure the Series will gain traction if you keep expanding the universe you imagined, I feel a lot more reassured now after knowing what you have planned. I seriously believe it will come to fruition.

    Just keep up what you are doing marketing wise, I will do my part by mentioning your work both IRL and online.

    Good luck.

    • Dan Davis says:

      I can’t thank you enough. I loved reading all of that. The fact that you had considered the series in such a way means a lot to me and your advice and observations are really interesting. I agree with you that the stand alone nature of the books does not support the kind of serialised series featuring the same characters that really drives people from book to book. And I knew that at the time but I did it anyway because I had those stories in my head for years and just wanted to write them. The main series certainly will all feature Rama Seti and the cast will expand and grow from book to book, so hopefully when people do get hooked they will go all the way though. I just need to do more to bring them into Book 2. Anyway, thank you again, so much, your post has lifted my spirits as far as the series goes and I look forward to writing more for you in the future. Please also keep in touch, I can’t do any of this without readers like you. Cheers! Dan.

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