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Dan’s 2017 Writing Roundup and Publishing Plans for 2018

Hello. Here is my end of year video on what I wrote and published in 2017 and what I will do in 2018. In summary – I have lots of books to write this year and I will get on

Dan Davis Author Q&A December 2017

Hey folks, here is my video Q&A. Thank you all for your great questions. I would like to do more videos where I talk about specific points, perhaps at length. For example, moments in history or analysing the story telling

Q&A Dec 2017 – Questions Please!

Ask me your questions – below, or on Facebook or Twitter – and I shall answer this weekend. Cheers!

Vampire Khan – why are you writing so slowly?

dan davis working hard

Vampire Outlaw, the second book in the Immortal Knight Chronicles was released way back in March 2016. I get messages every week asking me a fair question: Where is the third book in the series? What is taking so long?!

Thank you for taking the time…

Move Your Reader

I just got this lovely email from a reader and had to share: Re: The Immortal Knight Chronicles. I have read books 1 and 2 and tried to write a review for them but couldn’t.  I want you to know

Onca’s Duty: Galactic Arena Prequel 2 – Almost Done! #scifi

Onca’s Duty, the second Galactic Arena prequel is having its second round of proofreading and will be back, revised then released in the next few days. Brazilian Special Forces Major Rafael “Onca” Santos is one of the best soldiers in the

2016 Was the Best Year Ever

2016 was a good year for me.  Back in March, I released Vampire Outlaw. Book 2 in the Immortal Knight Chronicles, it was my 5th published novel, my longest book and the one I was most proud of at the

Onca’s Duty? Writing Too Many Words Again… #amwriting #scifi

Galactic Arena second-prequel-draft

Well, I did it again. I set out to write a short novella and I went and wrote a longer one. 45,000 words at the end of the first draft, probably will end up at 50,000 at final draft. I

FREE Sample of Inhuman Contact #Scifi story from the Galactic Arena


Read the first part of my new story, Inhuman Contact right here. Okay, so what’s it all about? A mission of first contact under threat. The genetically engineered reserve crew are all that remain. Now, they must unlock their potential…

THANK YOU for Reviews. Especially This One… #scifi #IndieAuthors

Indie authors are always banging on about reviews. This is because they are important for helping you to sell more books, for many reasons like social proof influencing buyer decisions and also some promotion services only accept books with a