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Orb Station Zero: Epic Military Scifi Book Trailer

Available now on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and paperback Buy now on Amazon US  Buy now on Amazon UK   (I used a website called Lumen5 to make this video. It is super easy to use and you can create videos literally in

New covers for the Galactic Arena #scifi series

Galactic Arena New scifi covers 2017

While we wait for the release of EARTH COLONY SENTINEL Book 2 of Galactic Arena, feast your AugHuds on the new series covers. What do you think? Let me know with a comment! If you haven’t read it yet, get

Get Inhuman Contact for FREE everywhere now #Scifi #Free

Free scifi novel

In the near future, an alien space station appears beyond the orbit of Neptune. A pioneering mission of first contact is launched. But the genetically engineered backup crew was never meant to do it alone…   Download for free now on Amazon

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New Scifi Release – Onca’s Duty the Galactic Arena Prequel – Out Now! #scifi

Onca’s Duty is available now! Brazilian Special Forces Major Rafael “Onca” Santos is one of the finest soldiers of the 22nd century. A veteran of counter-terrorism combat and urban warfare, Onca faces the toughest challenge of his life when he is

FREE Sample of Inhuman Contact #Scifi story from the Galactic Arena


Read the first part of my new story, Inhuman Contact right here. Okay, so what’s it all about? A mission of first contact under threat. The genetically engineered reserve crew are all that remain. Now, they must unlock their potential…

Inhuman Contact Almost Here (Genetic Engineering in Space)

Inhuman Contact Novella

My new book is written! Inhuman Contact the first Galactic Arena Prequel novella is currently being proof read and I hope to get the final copy, with all corrections, completed by this coming weekend (22nd/23rd October). The story is about the

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Cover Design for Next Scifi Book – Spaceship on the Cover

I have been trying out different compositions and colours for the new book. Here’s one I quite like. If you put a spaceship on the cover of your spaceship-based book then I think that tells the reader pretty clearly that

Inhuman Contact: Galactic Arena Prequel #1

Excitingly (for me) I have my first comments back from a beta reader on my latest book and they are incredibly invaluable, as always. Without someone else’s eyes on your work, you can’t get an idea of how a story reads and

When Is a Novella Not a Novella?

Human Contact Cover 1

When the author can’t control his word count? As I’m not a full-time writer, I have been attempting to write shorter novels so that I can release more of them and release them more often. I was unable to keep the last

Orb Station Zero is Released! Special Launch Price just .99c

Orb Station Zero - Cover

It appeared beyond the orbit of Neptune. An alien space station, a threat to the Sol System and a gateway to the galactic civilization. For the last hundred years, humanity has sent a champion to fight for our future. Every