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99c Sale Now – Orb Station Zero #scifi #action

ORB STATION ZERO – Galactic Arena Book 1 on sale for just 99c now! To save Earth, Rama Seti must travel to the outer solar system and battle a monstrous alien warrior in the Orb Arena. Get it now on:

Earth Colony Sentinel (Galactic Arena Book 2) is out now!

Rama Seti and pilot Kat Xenakis race to save Earth’s extrasolar colony before an alien battleship destroys humanity’s first step into the stars.  Get it now on: Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Australia Amazon Canada Humanity is gifted a new star system,

Earth Colony Sentinel: Galactic Arena Book 2 release day 17th July 2017 #scifi

Humanity is gifted a new star system, light years from Earth. Ours to colonize and control. But our enemies will not give up this great prize without a fight. As the starship Victory attempts to establish humanity’s first extrasolar colony,

Reviewers Wanted! Galactic Arena Book 2 – thrilling #scifi action

Galactic Arena Book 2

This week, I’ll be sending out Advance Reader Copies of Earth Colony Sentinel (Galactic Arena book 2). This will give you two weeks to read the novel and write your review before publication. If you haven’t joined my Advanced Reviewer

New covers for the Galactic Arena #scifi series

Galactic Arena New scifi covers 2017

While we wait for the release of EARTH COLONY SENTINEL Book 2 of Galactic Arena, feast your AugHuds on the new series covers. What do you think? Let me know with a comment! If you haven’t read it yet, get

Earth Colony Sentinel is almost here #scifi #sequel

Galactic Arena Book 2

EARTH COLONY SENTINEL features Rama Seti and the war for Arcadia, the extrasolar planet where humans and aliens will  do battle for the first time. A wheelhunter battleship is decelerating toward the planet from across the system while the most

Get Inhuman Contact for FREE everywhere now #Scifi #Free

Free scifi novel

In the near future, an alien space station appears beyond the orbit of Neptune. A pioneering mission of first contact is launched. But the genetically engineered backup crew was never meant to do it alone…   Download for free now on Amazon

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New Scifi Release – Onca’s Duty the Galactic Arena Prequel – Out Now! #scifi

Onca’s Duty is available now! Brazilian Special Forces Major Rafael “Onca” Santos is one of the finest soldiers of the 22nd century. A veteran of counter-terrorism combat and urban warfare, Onca faces the toughest challenge of his life when he is

Onca’s Duty: Galactic Arena Prequel 2 – Almost Done! #scifi

Onca’s Duty, the second Galactic Arena prequel is having its second round of proofreading and will be back, revised then released in the next few days. Brazilian Special Forces Major Rafael “Onca” Santos is one of the best soldiers in the

Book Review: Athenian Steel by P.K. Lentz

I knew that I would like this book even before I started it. I like scifi. And I like history, particularly ancient history. And this one, amazingly, is both. What I didn’t know was just how wonderfully well-written this story