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Dan’s 2017 Writing Roundup and Publishing Plans for 2018

Hello. Here is my end of year video on what I wrote and published in 2017 and what I will do in 2018. In summary – I have lots of books to write this year and I will get on

Q&A Dec 2017 – Questions Please!

Ask me your questions – below, or on Facebook or Twitter – and I shall answer this weekend. Cheers!

Vampire Khan – why are you writing so slowly?

dan davis working hard

Vampire Outlaw, the second book in the Immortal Knight Chronicles was released way back in March 2016. I get messages every week asking me a fair question: Where is the third book in the series? What is taking so long?!

Thank you for taking the time…

Move Your Reader

I just got this lovely email from a reader and had to share: Re: The Immortal Knight Chronicles. I have read books 1 and 2 and tried to write a review for them but couldn’t.  I want you to know

2016 Was the Best Year Ever

2016 was a good year for me.  Back in March, I released Vampire Outlaw. Book 2 in the Immortal Knight Chronicles, it was my 5th published novel, my longest book and the one I was most proud of at the

Onca’s Duty? Writing Too Many Words Again… #amwriting #scifi

Galactic Arena second-prequel-draft

Well, I did it again. I set out to write a short novella and I went and wrote a longer one. 45,000 words at the end of the first draft, probably will end up at 50,000 at final draft. I

Inhuman Contact: Galactic Arena Prequel #1

Excitingly (for me) I have my first comments back from a beta reader on my latest book and they are incredibly invaluable, as always. Without someone else’s eyes on your work, you can’t get an idea of how a story reads and

When Is a Novella Not a Novella?

Human Contact Cover 1

When the author can’t control his word count? As I’m not a full-time writer, I have been attempting to write shorter novels so that I can release more of them and release them more often. I was unable to keep the last

Thank You. Now I Need Your Help


It’s been about 3 weeks since the launch of Orb Station Zero, the first of my new science fiction series. It has done really well, sold many more than I ever have before and has been well inside the top

This Is NOT a Superhero Book!

Orb Station Zero is a science fiction novel set on a spaceship about fighting aliens. It is not, never has been, never can be a superhero novel. And yet. Kindle has placed it in the Superhero category. It stands out